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SAP unveils new Initiatives

Ike Suarez | Dec. 20, 2013
Vendor seeks broader and deeper ties with developers

SAP AG has unveiled new initiatives as it seeks to simplify applications development, broaden ties with Open Source developers, and make easier initial use of its technologies by developers.

A press statement by the German enterprise systems solutions vendor said the initiatives were the following:

  • Publication of a new unified developer license
  • Release of a new beta version of Power Builder
  • A new connector for Node.js to SAP HANA
  • A Cloud Foundry service broker for SAP HANA
  • A regional test drive for SAP River
  • An Open Source variant of SAPUI5

Deeper Commitment

The statement explained the initiatives as brought about by "an extended and deeper commitment to the developer community," on SAP's part.

The statement said the unified developer license, which covers all major platforms, "significantly simplifies the developer experience and makes it easy to get access to key SAP technologies."

On the other hand, the new closed beta version of the SAP Power Builder application development tool supports new operating sytem, databases, and open standards.

The SAP HANA database client via GitHub now enables developers to effectively connect Node.js applications to SAP HANA.

Furthermore, a Cloud Foundry service broker for SAP HANA has been developed in collaboration with the San Francisco-based software vendor, Pivotal and is now available as Open Source on GitHub.

This allows any Cloud Foundry application to connect to SAP HANA.

At the same time, a new regional test drive has now launched for Sap River, a new open development for SAP HANA.

This development seeks to help developers respond to the fast and agile environment prevailing today in the applications market.

As such, it enables real time development of applications powered by SAP HANA.

Likewise, SAP has now contributed key portions of its SAPUI5 framework as Open Source code on the GitHub  site under an Apache 2.0 license.

In doing so, SAP has developed different themes, framework features, and control libraries.



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