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Roundtable: What's next for virtualisation?

Jennifer O'Brien | Feb. 19, 2013
This roundtable discussed trends in virtualisation and the walk towards Cloud computing, and how resellers can help customers benefit from the next wave of technological advance.

We can often get ahead of ourselves, in some instances, around what's happening in the marketplace, but the ethos is really around the customers. It's a slower process than what we think. From a partner standpoint, it's taking hold of selective services that they can offer to the customer, and then have a value-add component to not only offer the solution sell, but then ensuring the longevity of that relationship with the customer, by selectively outsourcing those components, which are relevant to their business.

Roadblocks to Cloud adoption

Roundtable attendees discussed market challenges in selling virtualisation and Cloud computing to a broad customer base.

Infront's Allan King said maturity of technology is the biggest hurdle.

"We're still in a major hype curve. What we're seeing is outsource 2.0, colocation 2.0. Cloud and the Cloud offerings are the blending of private and public, into a hybrid strategy, yet the technologies, the standards, the ability to implement a transparent, seamless strategy is not within reach of most customers, unless they go proprietary. Until we see the blending of the capability and the ability to execute across the board, it will have a play, just not the big play that everybody hypes."

Amcom practice lead, David Lavan, agreed, saying the move to Cloud is tricky and complex for many customers.

"Making that move is very difficult for a lot of customers. There is the virtual desktop trend coming and going. But I think we'll start to see organisations moving towards a dynamic datacentre, and being able to uncouple their workload from the datacentre and that flexibility of being able to move easily in and out of Cloud environments. There is technology out there that allows us to do it, but I don't think we're there yet."

Data#3 national sales manager, EMC, Matthew Barry said another major roadblock to Cloud and virtualisation adoption is the lack of knowledge surrounding the cost of services and the associated business benefits.

"Australian customers have embraced virtualisation wholeheartedly and quickly, but yet, it still has an immaturity to it. When you go out, and try and have the conversation, with the right people, about outsourcing certain services or Cloud or infrastructure as a service, I'm yet to walk through the door, and find someone, who actually understands what they're paying for that service internally. We've been developing services around helping customers understand the services that they have and the cost of that service for them doing it internally because if they don't have that knowledge, how are you going to convince them to move?"


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