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Report claims AI and humans can coexist in new 'hyperproductive' organisations

Tamlin Magee | Feb. 1, 2017
AI will bring in a raft of new roles that will reward more uniquely human capabilities like imagination and creativity

"We'll see organisations with their probability matrices and so on who will be able to see in real time areas of the business that are on the up, just as if you were watching an exchange," he explains.

Embracing automation is central to the ethos of the DevOps movement - that all repetitive tasks should be automated leaving developers the time and energy to develop.

"It's almost like in order to embrace our humanity we have to embrace the AI and that's a paradox for a lot of people," Brauer says. "They see the AI as dehumanising us, whereas this study suggests the opposite."

Navigating the social changes that AI and automation will affect is fairly new territory. But Brauer says that the doom-ridden soothsaying from some corners ignores part of the equation. He points to the fact that while machines have been able to beat the best chess players for more than a decade, an average chess player working in tandem with a supercomputer will almost always be able to beat a supercomputer playing on its own.

The claims in the report echo the thoughts of some of the technology industry's leading figures speaking at Davos earlier this month. Satya Nadella and Gini Rometty, for instance, both argued that while there will be social change, advances in AI will not do away with jobs per se - but people will need to adjust and equip themselves with the correct skills and mindset to get ahead.

Late last year Dr Wolfgong Krips, executive VP for operations at Amadeus IT Group, suggested something similar: that just like in an automotive plant, the workers "go away from the conveyer belt and they start programming the robots" to become "automation engineers".

"If you want to go to these levels of stability and agility you have to change the whole way how you deliver the services," he said at the time. "That is the big transformation that is happening."


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