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Q&A with Edwinder Singh: The value of virtualisation

Nurdianah Md Nur | Dec. 12, 2013
The agility, flexibility and service availability today is only possible due to virtualisation, said Edwinder Singh, practice head for professional services at Dimension Data.

Could you share with us consideration points for ROI when developing a virtualisation project?
ROI data points can largely be segregated into two pools. The hard ROI data points, which is around infrastructure hardware such as centralised storage, pool of servers utilised, software investment to enable virtualisation, real estate or foot print of the equipment, and the associated power and cooling costs.

The soft ROI points which largely benefit processes and operations would be strategies around backup and DR (disaster recovery), the operational aspects of the organisation and eventually, the agility of the applications hosted. These are sometimes harder to measure but translate into overall business efficiency in terms of SLAs to end users.

What next after virtualisation? What else can companies do to better their infrastructure?
The next step is actually less infrastructure, and not more. Having virtualisation as a platform is to gain the experience and be ready for the next step which is cloud computing.



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