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Polycom improves manufacturing processes for Viet UC Seafood

Anuradha Shukla | June 6, 2016
Deploys video solutions for the shrimp farming company in Vietnam.

Viet UC Seafood is improving its manufacturing processes and strengthening research and development (R&D) partnerships by using Polycom's video conferencing solutions.

The shrimp farming company has deployed video conferencing solutions across 10 sites around Vietnam.

In addition to improving manufacturing processes, this deployment has helped Viet UC to save valuable time for busy teams and executives, and facilitated new methods of training for the HR team.

Prior to the deployment, the sales teams of the Vietnamese company either had to travel or use freely available consumer-grade if they required face to face meetings.

Enterprise-grade video has allowed them to meet frequently, compare notes, share results, pricing and targets in real-time.

Improvement in recruitment and training
Collaboration with Polycom has improved recruitment and training processes for Viet UC Seafood's HR teams.   

Video conferencing has enabled potential candidates to be brought in at multiple stages of the interview process.

This ensures that the talent pool is not restricted to one geographical area and people don't have to travel across cities for hiring process.

Solutions from Polycom have also given Viet UC increased opportunity for collaboration with agencies overseas.

Pleased with the success of this deployment, Viet UC intends to leverage future video collaboration capabilities from Polycom via desktop, mobile and cloud solutions.

"We are looking to add two more farming locations in Vietnam and expand operations to 14 sites," said Tri Vu, business operations director, Viet UC Seafood. "As the size of our business increases, so too will our need for collaboration, especially as we look to collaborate more closely with our farming communities."


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