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PHP at 20: From pet project to powerhouse

Ben Ramsey | June 12, 2015
When Rasmus Lerdorf released "a set of small tight CGI binaries written in C," he had no idea how much his creation would impact Web development. Delivering the opening keynote at this year's SunshinePHP conference in Miami, Lerdorf quipped, "In 1995, I thought I had unleashed a C API upon the Web. Obviously, that's not what happened, or we'd all be C programmers."

PHP has seen the Web mature through various stages, and PHP has matured. Once a simple API wrapper around lower-level C libraries, PHP has become a full-fledged programming language in its own right. Its developer community is vibrant and helpful, priding themselves in pragmatism and welcoming newcomers. PHP has stood the test of time for 20 years, and current activity in the language and community is ensuring it will be a relevant and useful language for years to come.

During his SunshinePHP keynote, Rasmus Lerdorf reflected, "Did I think I'd be here 20 years later talking about this silly little project I did? No, I didn't."

Here's to Lerdorf and the rest of the PHP community for transforming this "silly little project" into a lasting, powerful component of the Web today.


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