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Organisations focused on customer experience

Anuradha Shukla | April 7, 2016
Set to become more proactive, personal, and positive in the coming months.

Organisations across the globe are focused on customer experience and are set to become more proactive, personal, and positive in the next 12 months, says a new report by Dimension Data.

Service providers have realised the benefits of using better analytics and technology to build new solutions that deliver better customer experiences across up to nine customer contact channels.

Focus on customer experience delivers several benefits including driving revenue, improving loyalty, and reduction of costs through greater efficiency.

Findings from the 19th edition of Dimension Data's annual Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report provides insights from 1,320 organisations in 81 countries including those in Asia Pacific and Australia.

"Customer experience is a critical differentiator for 83% of this year's benchmarking report participants. Customer experience was also the most important strategic performance indicator for 78% of respondents," said Nagi Kasinadhuni, general manager, Customer Experience and Collaboration at Dimension Data Asia Pacific. "While 82% believe that increased customer loyalty can be linked to an improved customer experience capability; 77% said they can show a reduction in overall costs; and 74% indicate they had an uplift in revenues/profit."

Better place to work 

Customer experience has made contact centres a better place to work as 76% of the sample confirmed that customer experience had a positive impact on employee engagement levels.

Looking forward, personalisation of services will be an important enhancement to overall customer experience. 

Small data analysis will lead companies with big ideas on how to 'get personal' with customers as well as help organisations identify opportunities to pre-empt customer needs.

Understanding the opportunity to connect customer journeys across a multitude of contact channels has emerged as the number one trend affecting contact centres in 2016.

"The power of its customer journeys is a litmus test for the success of an organisation's operating model. 'Good' customer experience is designed by people with people in mind. 'Good' is not a standalone technology channel, but rather a customer experience journey that provides customers with choices that are impressively easy to access and deliver productive results," added Kasinadhuni.


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