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Oracle's Java plug-in move no surprise, but is JavaWS the answer?

Paul Krill | Feb. 1, 2016
Applets may no longer be in vogue, but opinions vary whether Oracle's Java Web Start is a viable alternative

One analyst said developers simply need to stop building applets. "Seriously, software that relies on applets and Java Web Start -- and any other plug-in technologies [such as] Silverlight, Air -- has to be rewritten to incorporate modern UI approaches," said John Rymer, an analyst at Forrester. "Apps used within enterprises in which IT can control the browsers used will be sustainable for years, but the majority of apps need to be rewritten to strip out plug-ins. The only thing 'surprising' here is Oracle pulling the trigger on Java plug-ins; the trend away from browser plug-ins is not news."

Developers started to use Java on the server side after its initial viral success was based on applets in a browser, Simon said. "The original drive to use Java for cool animations faded, and Java got used mainly on all the servers delivering big Web applications." Android applications are basically the only place where Java is still used to develop user interfaces, Simon said.

Source: Infoworld 


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