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Oracle refocuses the company on chasing the cloud

Sharon Gaudin | Sept. 20, 2016
Company wants to be one-stop cloud shop, but analysts say it's playing catch up

Many enterprises use multiple cloud vendors, such as one for Infrastructure as a service and another for software as a service and still others for integration tools and tools for big data, data analytics and security.

"They don't have that full suite," Daheb said. "Customers are putting this stuff together. 'I'm using Amazon for some of this. I'm using Azure for some of this. I'm using someone else for cloud access management.' Someone has to put that all together."

That someone, he said, is going to be Oracle.

However, it may not be that easy.

While Daheb said the company isn't playing catch up, industry analysts say that is exactly what Oracle is doing.

"I think it is a necessary move, but there is still quite a bit of catching up to do," said Cassandra Mooshian, an analyst with Technology Business Research. "Oracle is trying to move the needle in changing perception … Perception is still the biggest hurdle for Oracle. There's still so much vendor lock-in associated with Oracle that I don't think they're really perceived as a true cloud player yet because the idea of cloud is one that is interoperable. ... Oracle still promotes the all-Oracle or, as I say, the red stack."

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, noted that when enterprises think about the cloud, they think about AWS, IBM, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Meanwhile, Oracle will have some work to do to get its name in the same breath as the top players.

"Oracle should have started earlier on the cloud, but I give them credit for turning everything over to get there," Moorhead said. "They got a late start and need to compensate for that late start. And they really don't have a mature solution for the hybrid cloud."

And if this doesn't work out for Oracle, Moorhead said he sees trouble ahead for the now-cloud-focused company


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