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OpenStack Board Member Rob Hirschfeld on the impact of DevOps, SDN, Docker & more

Art Fewell | Feb. 26, 2015
I recently had the great pleasure to sit down with community-elected OpenStack board member and Crowbar co-creator, Rob Hirschfeld. Rob shared awesome nuggets of wisdom on data center and cloud operations, you can view the video and the full transcript below:

Art Fewell: The community were really lucky to have you and the rest of OpenStack community. It's been amazing to be able to witness and observe the birth of it. It's clear that this style, open source, this style of open innovation of community collaboration. It's going to redefine every industry.

I think regardless of which industry you look at, OpenStack has been a vehicle for innovation in terms of governance and how this type of community framework can even exist. I think it's spells for a better future in a lot more ways than just what we've seen from it thus far and it's going to be one of these things that goes down in the history books.

Rob Hirschfeld: I definitely think that OpenStack's legacy will more likely be the community and the governance and what we've learned from that than probably the code. That will probably persist longer.

Art Fewell: Yeah, those individual components will change. It's just like human nature, you can change a lot of things but there's a lot of aspects of human nature and how humans have to deal with each other that won't change with the next wave of technology.

Rob, I'm really grateful for having you on. Hopefully we'll be able to have you on the show again. Definitely checkout Rob, check out RackN and I'll put links up in here for all the viewers if you'd like to follow Rob on Twitter, etcetera, we'll have those links for you. Thanks a lot for being on the show Rob.

Rob Hirschfeld: I appreciate it. It's been fun talking to you, I really appreciate it. It's great questions, great conversation.


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