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Notezilla 8 review: This monster crushes other note programs likes its namesake crushes Tokyo

Ian Harac | Dec. 10, 2014
With Microsoft providing Sticky Notes for free, and multiple free- or low- cost options available, what does Notezilla 8 have to offer to justify its $30 price tag? As it turns out, a whole lot. Notezilla pushes the bounds of the sticky note category to their limits, edging close to freeform text database/outliner territory.

You can, of course, resize notes, or roll up a note to show just its title, or hide all notes. Setting up hotkeys to do this is necessary to get the most out of Notezilla, and there's a straightforward editor to let you assign such commands as you see fit.

The standard cost for Notezilla includes a two-machine (one user) license, and a one-year subscription to vendor Conceptworld's syncing service. Versions of Notezilla for Android and iOS are coming soon.

The trial of Notezilla is full-featured, without obvious nag screens or "gotchas" where seemingly-enabled functionality produces a "Buy now!" dialog. With a full 30 days to evaluate it, there's plenty of time to integrate it into your workflow. If you need to track many small bits of information, especially if the information logically clusters into sets of related, but not structured, data, Notezilla could be a powerful Sticky Notes alternative.


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