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Northern Gas Networks migrates to S/4HANA to lay the foundations for IoT

Scott Carey | May 24, 2017
The gas distributor for the north of the UK is currently migrating its back office systems to SAP’s S/4HANA as it begins to look towards cutting edge IoT use cases.

Pollock sees digital as a way to maximise profits at the company because it is naturally limited by its geographic customer base. "The only way that we can maximise the return to our shareholders is via cost savings," he said. "So that is where we really have to focus our energies and that is where digital comes in. We see that as a real differentiator for how we can be more efficient, how we can run our network and be more customer focused."


Change management

Pollock admits that change management continues to be a huge part of the migration to S/4HANA as "we are asking people who are very used to doing things one way to change that and work in a different way and that is unsettling, it can be quite worrying.

"People immediately think about job security. So that is a challenge because yes there are efficiencies that we have to make and that will be around process efficiencies, but what we are looking at is the value add. Getting people out of the drudgery of data wrangling as they are now and more towards data analytics and using our data to move the business forward."


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