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No Man's Sky for Mac release date rumours: Why No Man's Sky will land on Mac in 2016

David Price | July 29, 2015
When is No Man's Sky coming out for Mac - if it comes out for Mac at all? We sift through the rumours, hints and clues surrounding No Man's Sky's Mac launch date

But if we look for clues outside the (tiny) Hello Games portfolio, perhaps the closest rival to No Man's Sky is Elite: Dangerous, which is already out - and available on Mac, too. It launched on PC in December 2014, and came out for Mac OS X five months later. (Other broadly similar games that might be worth keeping an eye on include the venerable space-exploration MMORPG Eve Online, which is available for Mac as well as PC, and on the other hand the upcoming Star Citizen, which has been confirmed for Windows and Linux only.)

We think the appetite is there (if it wasn't, it's hard to imagine that Elite: Dangerous would have been brought to OS X within five months), and a Mac port of No Man's Sky would surely do well - the hype around this game is immense. But it seems unlikely that Hello Games would have the resources or inclination to port the game to OS X themselves. If No Man's Sky does come to Mac, it's most likely to be a job taken on by a company like Feral, which specialises in PC-to-Mac ports. We'd expect to be looking at a timeframe of between six months and a year after the PC launch - so a late 2016 Mac launch is feasible.

We contacted Hello Games on email and Twitter this morning to see if there are any plans to launch No Man's Sky on the Mac. The team haven't got back to us yet, but we'll post their reply here if and when they do so.

How to play No Man's Sky on Mac

It looks like we've got a fair wait for the Mac version of No Man's Sky, but fortunately it's relatively easy to run PC games on a Mac - and, as we discussed above, No Man's Sky is expected to launch on PC later this year.

If you want to run the PC version of No Man's Sky on your Mac, take a look at our article on how to install Windows on a Mac, which will enable you to run Windows-compatible software on your Mac, including PC-exclusive games.

As for the official Mac OS X version of No Man's Sky - well, it looks like a fair old wait. But we'll keep you updated with any news we hear, whether good or bad; bookmark this page for updated news.

For now, you should find a new game that takes your fancy in our roundup of the best games for Mac. And as we said, remember too that Elite: Dangerous is available on Mac: it's not quite the same, but for space exploration hijinks it might be your best option for the near future.


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