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Nine of the best BI and analytics software tools for enterprises

Scott Carey | June 27, 2016
As companies look to release their big data, companies like Qlik and Tableau are offering powerful self-serve analytics platforms

Trillium works on a flexible subscription price model, largely based on the volume of data as measured by Hadoop nodes, offering a low point of entry and scaling options.

5. Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics
Telco data visualisation © Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics started life as an application development platform but evolved into a self-service analytics and data visualisation platform.

Tom Cahill, VP of EMEA at Logi Analytics toldComputerworld UK: "What it isn't is a reporting library, or a rules engine per say, or a way to integrate reports. Instead it's a development environment [...] What that means is it's very accessible and robust because it isn't a little piece of standalone kit or architecture, it is a developer kit, so very interesting for large enterprise and the software industry as they create something and embed it in the application and sell it."

What this means in practice is that Logi provides a fully customisable front end and some initial training to self-serve data analysis and visualisation. After which you are left to customer support.

Cahill explains: "When we install Logi it sits within the context of the approved infrastructure of the company, very native, and will conform with security infrastructure. Secondly because Logi is configurable it doesn't require a lot of skills to set it up considering what under the hood are very complex joins and customisable dashboards."

Pricing is bespoke with Logi depending on a variety of factors, be it user based, functionality needs, number of server cores etcetera, on either a perpetual or annual licence.

6. Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon
© Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon specialises in self-serve social media analytics for large enterprise customers.

Daryl West, social media insight lead at Telefónica O2, explained why he chose Crimson Hexagon toComputerworld UK, saying: "Crimson is the only tool that offered us unlimited data and historical background of social media. So you can pull for trends insights and then teach the machine learning function to train posts and to find the relevant categories of conversation, instead of building search queries and filters."

Liliana Osorio, UK marketing at Crimson Hexagon explained the customer journey: "We're a platform business. We do have a service team globally but the idea is that the customer takes a 45 day on-boarding process with a coach who will educate them on what to be asking of social media, so it's different to the other measuring firms."

For visualisation Crimson Hexagon prefers to plug in to tools like Tickr to provide a real time single dashboard, showing sentiment and trends across all touch points for a brand, blending social data with search trends and web analytics. Crimson is working on analytics for platforms like Tumblr and is investing in image analytics to tap into data such as pictures posted to platforms that aren't tagged with the location, such as London's O2 arena, for example.


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