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#NewAge Business: CIOs leverage social media

Shubhra Rishi | July 24, 2014
Four Indian businesses decide to stop merely talking about social media and do something with it. Their stories show you what you could be missing out on.

#NewAgeBusiness: CIOs Leverage Social Media

Four Indian businesses decide to stop merely talking about social media and do something with it. Their stories show you what you could be missing out on.

People power. Its hard to go anywhere in the country today without bumping into it. You start the day with the newspapers giving you a blow-by-blow account of how everyday people are joining Aam Aadmi Party and are taking the power back from politicians. You end your day with citizen journalists on TV commandeering the power of the media.

And, in between, you have Gen Y consumers and staffers demanding a greater say and fewer controls.

If you thought the command-and-control structure of the enterprise would keep you safe from the swarms calling for the end of centralized authority (as they are doing with politics and the fourth estate), you were wrong. Or, at least, youll be wrong soon. Never in the past has the work   place been so diverse. Todays place of work is increasingly becoming a sundry mix of the young, the middle-aged and the old. And its leaving businesses perplexed. Companies are worried about how they will manage such a wide assortment of expectations. A PwC survey reveals that attracting and keeping young workers is one of the biggest talent challenges for CEOs everywhereand it should be. Millennialsthose born in between 1980 to 2000will account for over half of the global workforce by 2020.

Yet their growing needs are driving CIOs up the wall. Take for instance, social media and BYOD. The two trends have jointly twisted the arm of enterprise IT to get rid of longstanding practices of restrict-and-control and are introducing an environment of collaboration and engagement to cater to a young workforce. While a number of progressive CIOs have latched on to the BYOD trend, they have not leveraged social as much.

Not all CIOs see the rise of social media as a pain. A growing number see an untapped opportunity. According to CIO research (The Mid-Year Review Survey done in March 2013) about 40 percent of Indian CIOs were in the process of finalizing enterprise social collaboration platforms, many of which aim to mimic public networks such as Facebook. Another 20 percent said, it would take them about 12 monthsabout two months from now. According to the State of the CIO Survey (taken three months ago), a full 37 percent of Indian CIOs say that they are either implementing or already refining their organizations social media push.

Some CIOs have upgraded corporate intranets and My Site Microsoft SharePoint   (a webspace where people from an organization can find information about anothers skills and interests) to accommodate social tools such as Lync and Chatter for internal collaboration. Others have tapped into external public networks such as Facebook and professional networks such as LinkedIn to drive business and increase internal efficiency.


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