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Never put everything in one database basket, even if it’s Hadoop

James Kobielus | May 19, 2014
Those who recommend putting everything in a Hadoop data lake forget some obvious lessons of database history

I have no quibbles with one aspect of this "data lake" vision: That Hadoop is becoming a key application-development and -execution platform for big data analytics. As I have stated, data scientists are the pivotal application developers in the age of big data, and, as I also have discussed, Hadoop is rapidly evolving into a general-purpose distributed job-execution layer capable of executing a wide range of jobs that were developed in other languages.

But that's not the same as claiming Hadoop will be the only such platform. In fact, every big data platform -- Hadoop, MPP EDWs, NoSQL, in-memory, and streaming, for example -- acts as an application development and  execution platform. The notion that any one of them will be the entire ocean for all analytic-centric application development is flat-out wrong.



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