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Netatmo Healthy Home Coach review: This indoor climate monitor reports the obvious

Michael Ansaldo | Oct. 18, 2016
This gizmo monitors indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and noise, but it won't tell you much you don't already know.

Healthy Home Coach reading
You can tap at-a-glance readings for more detailed information.

I decided to place the Coach in our master bedroom first. We had a long standing high-humidity problem there—we believe, in part, due to sealing issues with a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony—that several years ago culminated in a mold outbreak in the closet. We have the humidity under control, but I still keep a tiny hygrometer in the room to keep an eye on it.

Within minutes after placing the Healthy Home Coach in the room, I had my first reading. The app provides an overall environment quality “grade” (i.e. “Fine,” “Healthy”) and at-a-glance readings for each of its four measurements. Clicking on one of the measurements opens a window explaining its importance to a comfortable climate and plots the reading along a colored bar denoting the value range for that measurement.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the temperature was a stifling 85 degrees. This room is the hottest in the summer and fall and coldest in the winter. The Home Health Coach app alerted me with an exclamation point superimposed on the temperature. When I tapped on the reading, the dialog box recommended that I stay hydrated. The humidity and air quality readings were in the normal range, but for some reason, I didn’t get a noise level reading. My overall grade was “Fine.”

Healthy Home Coach Temperature
Healthy Home Coach alerts you when measurements veer our of the optimal range.

I took my next reading an hour later. In the meantime I had turned on a room fan. It had also started to rain. Both of these clearly impacted the climate of the room. The temperature was down to a comfortable 70.9 degrees, but the humidity had risen from 42 percent to 59 percent. Was there more moisture in the air from rainwater getting in through the poorly sealed outside door? Or did the relative humidity rise because the room temperature cooled? Healthy Home Coach can only give you readings, not tell you what’s causing them. At any rate, it didn’t seem bothered by this change as it gave me an improved quality grade of “Healthy.”

The Healthy Home Coach app saves all your readings, so once you’ve amassed several you can review them for insights. Tap the rewind icon in the top right corner of the app and it opens a scrolling timeline across the bottom with an hourly history of your climate results.

Once I was comfortable with the bedroom environment, I moved the Healthy Home Coach downstairs to the living room. While the air quality, temperature, and humidity readings were all within normal range, this room had a moderate noise “pollution” problem. That’s hardly surprising since it’s the center of activity in our home and I would expect to see the decibel level rise once my kids were home from school.


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