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Need for Speed puts The Fast and the Furious back into street racing

Hayden Dingman | July 2, 2015
Neon lights. Spoilers. Ten-second cars. Spinning rims. Tinted windows. Nitrous. Streets that always seem slightly wet. The crowds. The cops.

But I really enjoyed driving around Need for Speed, for as little time as I spent with it. It's got that old Need for Speed: Underground  and Midnight Club: Los Angeles vibe. Dark, grimy streets. The dim yellow of old sodium lighting. Absurd cars with absurd aftermarket parts. I don't know if it'll displace Forza Horizon as my favorite arcade racer, but I don't know that it needs to. Really, I'm just happy to see Need for Speed making something with personality again.

One quick aside: EA has confirmed that Need for Speed is online only. If that's a thing that bothers you, feel free to shout expletives, shake your fist at EA, and then never buy this game once it releases in November. And I'd totally understand that, because the idea of online-only still bothers me to some extent too--especially when traveling. On the other hand I'm never going to play this game on anything except my full desktop rig, and it's perpetually connected to the Internet so...


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