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Need for speed? Bridge the app data gap with predictive analytics

Mark Lazarus, Director of Technology, Nimble Storage | June 15, 2016
With application workloads evolving and big data coming of age, enterprises need infrastructure that have the ability to deliver both low latency (data velocity) and high density cost effective storage.

Examining the root cause of application breakdowns across more than 7,500 customers, Nimble's survey revealed that over half of all application disruptions stem from issues outside the storage layer.  These include compatibility problems, network configuration issues and inadequate compute resources. 

Closing the gapPredict and prevent breakdowns

Fast flash alone is often not enough to close the app-data gap given that more than 50 percent of barriers to data velocity take place outside of the storage architecture. Addressing the app-data gap therefore requires combining the agility and flexibility of flash with cloud-based predictive analytics to overcome data disruptions, no matter where the barriers occur across IT infrastructure.

With predictive analytics, organisations can identify potential hotspots and future needs, and ensure optimal long-term performance by eliminating error-prone guesswork. Analytics can assess vast amounts of information to find the needle in the haystack, and solve even the most complex of issues.

Predicting potential issues that might occur across the application-to-storage stack, which might result in slower data velocity, predictive analytics enables businesses to avoid disruption, and improve productivity by reducing time wasted dealing with infrastructure problems.

Today's IT infrastructure is crammed with complexity, and a major app-data gap can disrupt data delivery, degrade worker productivity, create customer dissatisfaction and damage a company's overall productivity. Enterprises are demanding more from their storage systems in terms of performance, availability, agility and ease of use, but as we have seen, solving just the storage problem is not enough.

While it may be easy to dismiss the app-data gap as a minor cost of doing business in an increasingly connected world, organisations who write off the issues as petty annoyances may actually be putting their company's competitiveness and productivity at risk. Choosing the right storage solution is therefore paramount, and a solution that combines flash-optimised architectures and predictive analytics to help organisations address evolving concerns is necessary for business success.


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