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NEC gives you fast video searches

F.Y. Teng | April 10, 2012
The new video identification software reportedly locates scenes quickly and accurately and also recognises if a video was altered in certain ways.

Technology provider NEC Corporation announced on Tuesday (April 10, 2012) the global availability of "new video identification software that almost instantly locates video clips within vast collections of video data."

According to NEC executives, the new software "extracts a 'finger print' or video signature for video clips that are matched with other video signatures in order to locate scenes quickly and accurately." In addition to that, they say that it "also recognises if a video was altered in ways that include caption overlays, resolution conversion, brightness conversion and bootleg recordings. [And that] as a result, organisations that treat video, such as television broadcasters, content holders, research companies and video-sharing sites, can automate and streamline their video confirmation procedures instead of using human observation, which is slower and subject to fatigue."

Currently available in English and Japanese, the software is being sold on two pricing models: the registration of 250 hours of video is priced at ¥2.2 million, and the registration of unlimited hours of video is priced at ¥30 million (both charges do not include taxes applicable in country of customer organisation). NEC executives said that they intend to sell this new software to more than 100 companies in the next three years. They also said that with such new technologies, NEC hopes to "globally contribute to the efficiency of the media industry and the establishment of a content distribution structure where all video rights are respected."


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