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NEC develops bus optimization technology

Zafar Anjum | Feb. 10, 2015
Reduces commuter excess waiting times; trials underway in Singapore and Indonesia

NEC Asia Pacific announced that it has developed a bus schedule optimization technology that will reduce commuters' excess waiting time. The technology provides information to bus drivers that will help them adjust their driving speeds, the IT services company said on Monday.

According to NEC, its technology uses an optimization algorithm that will perform analysis to determine delays to the bus based on bus data, including the bus's location, distance from the next bus or headway status, crowd size, as well as external data, including weather, traffic conditions and road incidents. Based on the analysis, feedback will be provided to bus operators and bus drivers to improve bus arrival times and excess waiting times.

Data can be analyzed to ensure regular spacing between buses or equalized bus headways, as well as ensure demand-based bus dispatch, which matches demand at bus-stops with the supply of buses to ensure reduced excess waiting times. Data on bus loading and crowds can be derived from tap-in-tap-out payment devices on buses and video analytics cameras at bus stops. Simulation results show 50% reduction in excess waiting time.

The technology, developed by the NEC Laboratories in Europe and Singapore, can also be applicable to logistics vehicles to help in planning delivery schedules. Trials are currently being implemented with bus and logistics operators in Singapore and Indonesia.  The technology will be showcased at the NEC Innovative Solutions Fair 2015, at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta on 10 February 2015.

"Bus commuters demand regularity in their bus service, which is a problem that bus operators continually grapple with. We are currently working with transport providers to implement the bus schedule optimization technology which has the potential to transform bus management systems and enhance the commuters' experience. We look forward to working with our customers in Asia Pacific to implement big data and predictive analytics technology to enhance their operations," said Keiji Yamada, Head of NEC Laboratories Singapore and Senior Vice President, NEC Asia Pacific.   



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