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Navigating big data influences in 2017

Daniel Ng, Senior Director, APAC, Cloudera | Jan. 25, 2017
According to IDC, the big data and analytics market is expected to grow at an exponential rate of 11.7% yearly through 2020, with a strong drive from the banking, manufacturing, and government sectors.

Thus far, processing Internet of Things (IoT) data has enabled users to derive at more data-driven and sophisticated insights in real-time. In 2017, big data will continue to play a big role in developing algorithms that will be the driving force for autonomous capabilities. With the volume of data required to make this happen, organisations will require truly massive data storage and computing capacities in order to generate and continuously improve the algorithms needed for autonomous devices. Big data will continue to be the raw material that makes us smarter and more efficient.

3.    A secure future

In 2016, we analysed the impact of security breaches and importance of cybersecurity solutions for businesses today. In 2017, big data will continue to play a critical role in protecting organizations and their assets from cyber-threats - the future of fighting cyber-crime will rely heavily on leveraging data for cybersecurity purposes.

As technology continues to evolve and the world gets increasingly hyper-connected, we see greater innovation that will improve day to day living (from home safety to medical care and ease of transportation). As such, more sophisticated security breaches and privacy issues will be brought to the limelight - those that traditional security boundaries and technologies will not be sufficient to prevent or resolve.

This year, we can expect organizations to focus on implementing cybersecurity platforms that are scalable across trillions of events, monitoring all of the devices connected to and accessing an enterprise's network. Moreover, applying ML for anomaly detection will allow organisations to continue detecting suspicious endpoint behavior faster and more accurately than before.

Pairing modern platforms with ML will be key to the early detection of threats and issues in 2017, moving us toward a smarter and more data-driven, secure future.


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