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Multicore Python: A tough, worthy, and reachable goal

Serdar Yegulalp | June 30, 2016
Python has been held back by its inability to natively use multiple CPU cores. Now Pythonistas are aiming to find a solution

One piece of long-term good news is that if and when CPython sheds the GIL, developers using the language will already be primed to exploit multithreading. Many changes now baked into Python's syntax, like queues and theasync/await keywords for Python 3.5, make it easy to apportion tasks across cores at a high level.

Still, the amount of work needed to make Python GIL-less all but guarantees it will show up first in a separate implementation like PyPy-STM. Those who want to try a GIL-less system can do so through such a third-party effort, but the original CPython is likely to remain untouched for now. Here's hoping the wait isn't much longer.

Source: Infoworld 


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