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Mindmapping for better enterprise decisions

Ross O. Storey | Dec. 10, 2010
Recently reaching the 1.5 million customer mark, Mindjet is expanding its presence in Asia and MIS Asia magazine editor Ross O. Storey shared thoughts with the companys Vice President of Worldwide Sales Greg Brown.

Why is Mindjets software referred to as the missing office application and how does it present information in a visual manner to align with an individuals thought processes?

MindManager is often referred to as the missing office application because of its deep integration with Windows, Office, Project and SharePoint. As maps are developed, users have the option to import, attach and link to Office content. Once inside the map, it is easy to add notes, visually mark up the content to show percentage complete, who it is assigned to, status, and more. Users can also use MindManager to open and edit Office files directly inside MindManager keeping both the map and document details open allowing users to still view the big picture or the whole campaign. MindManager can automatically map out the files in your desktop or network, return search results from Bing or create dynamic, synchronized branches of content stored in Outlook or SharePoint. It also allows users to export plans to Project, ideas to PowerPoint presentation, tasks into Outlook, and content outlines into Word.

What are Mindjets plans for expansion in Asia and the establishment of a regional hub in Singapore?

Mindjet recently signed a partnership agreement with Singapore based VNPL to distribute Mindjet products throughout the Asia-Pacific region and hired a Regional Sales Engineer to service and assist in the growth of our reseller and customer base in Singapore.  Mindjet also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SingTel Alatum to develop a cloud-based infrastructure and enable the distribution of its business applications throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

What sort of specific challenges does Mindjet anticipate relating to introducing its software to the Asia executive culture?

The top challenge for Mindjet in Singapore is recruiting top resellers that have both deep relationships and an understanding of selling value to a customer. Our successful resellers require product training and subject matter expertise to enable end user adoption and to deliver superior customer service.

What sort of savings, in time and productivity, can MindManager bring to an organization?

Organizations have benefited greatly, not only by saving time conducting meetings, gathering requirements, developing communications, and planning initiatives but also in the ability to have greater clarity, insight and innovation. In periodic surveys that Mindjet has conducted, individuals routinely report time-savings of 3-5 hours per week. We believe the impact is much greater as MindManager is often used to conduct team meetings which has a multiplying impact on the amount of time saved if the team reaches better conclusions in less time.

What industries are most suited to using MindManager and what quantifiable results have been achieved?

MindManager is used across many industries because of its applicability to a wide variety of situations. In particular, its been widely adopted in organizations where technology and process are critical including high tech, automotive, manufacturing, government, education, pharmaceutical, professional services and finance.


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