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Microsoft maps out F# language upgrade

Paul Krill | July 28, 2016
F# 4.1 will include struct tuples, improved error messages, and backing for .Net Core

Visual F# Tools for F# 4.1 will support editing and compiling .Net Core and .Net Framework projects. "Our compiler and scripting tools for F# 4.1 will be the first version to offer support for .Net Core," the team said. Planned tooling includes a cross-platform, open source compiler tool chain for .Net Framework and .Net Core for use with Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.

Visual F# IDE tools will be upgraded for use with the next version of Visual Studio, and F# 4.1 support will be included in Microsoft's Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio Code tools. The upgrade will be supported in the Fable F#-to-ECMAScript transpiler and in Roslyn Workspaces, for code analysis and refactoring in the Roslyn compiler platform.

Source: Infoworld


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