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Microsoft couldn't be Microsoft without Word/Office

Tim Greene | Oct. 25, 2013
Microsoft's productivity apps are $22 billion cash cows

The successes didn't come without blunders, notably:

  • Word 3.0 released in 1987 with so many bugs that Microsoft mailed out free Word 3.0.1 disks to its registered customers.
  • Word 97 was the prime carrier of the Melissa Virus that overloaded mail servers worldwide by mass-mailing emails via a macro embedded in a Word document.
  • Customers screamed in 2007 when Microsoft replaced the familiar Word toolbar with a ribbon it said made it easier to find the features they were looking for. Customers complained the new layout made it more difficult to locate the commands they already knew how to find.

There were lesser errors, such as Office Assistant, the cartoon paperclip named Clippy that popped up to offer help to users as they worked on documents. Clippy annoyed so many users that he was scraped in 2003.


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