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Microservices offer speed and flexibility, but at a price

Maria Korolov | March 2, 2017
The benefits of microservices are many, but they also come with their own set of security and management challenges

"It's massively exploding," said Jay Leek, managing director at cybersecurity consultancy ClearSky Cyber Security. "Most CISOs have no idea of the magnitude of the problem they're facing."

Development drive

One reason that adoption of containers is growing so quickly, and often without the oversight of security, is that developers are using them to quickly create applications.

And it's not just the security organization that's bypassed, Leek said. Sometimes the CIOs are out of the loop, as well.

Then when the applications are finished, the company has a dilemma -- do they put the containers into production, or do they throw out all the work?

"Then there's a big scramble to secure and support the new environment," he said. "This is a big issue right now that every organization is facing -- whether they realize it or not. It may be happening outside the purview of your team, until it slams in your face."

And it's not just developers rushing to meet deadlines.

"People in finance or in business with development skills, it's so easy for them to spin up a container to do things quickly," he said. "So it's even broadened how you think about traditional development."

Meanwhile, the number of vendors offering management and security tools can be counted on two hands -- with fingers left over, he said.

"We're at the starting line, we really haven't started the race here," he said. "But the benefits are so significant, and so important to businesses being able to innovate faster, that we have no choice about whether we accept it."


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