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Micro Focus expands into unified archiving: Stephen McNulty

Madhav Mohan | June 6, 2017
“Unified archiving allows us to archive several touch points for customers on Facebook, Twitter and SMS, as we can capture everything at one place,” says Stephen McNulty, president, APJ, Micro Focus.

In turn, Micro Focus continues to develop its own policies to record, monitor and achieve improvements in its own carbon footprint, eg. we are rolling out a new technology, a third party application, which will enable less travel for employees by helping the company to undertake virtualized meetings and unified communications. We have tools and technologies to enable companies to build their own initiatives by making them more efficient.


A couple of years ago, Stuart McGill, CTO mentioned the company is primarily in India for the system integrators (Sis) and development talent wrapped around legacy systems. Is that the same reason for showing interest in India this year?
System integrators (SIs) are very important for us globally and in the APAC region. We have undertaken a major initiative where we train the SIs and go to market with them and have dedicated SIs for the Indian market. They have deep domain expertise, something Micro Focus cannot specialize in, especially across 15 industries across the country. These SIs provide practice based recommendations on how to employ software to customers, find us new customers, drive our products and give us better reach.

With the government of India driving big initiatives like cybersecurity and digital payments, which requires a phenomenal amount of technology, the country has massive potential right now. It creates many opportunities for us and we also have partners who provide their intellectual capacity to customers.


HPE OpenStack is part of SUSE, and Micro Focus can penetrate the Indian market through SUSE. Since cloud and datacenter will become a strong play, you will be leveraging it with the help of partners-TCS and Wipro. That said, what will be your other focus areas this year?
This year, we will be focusing on security. It is a big market, growing at an exponential rate. In the APJ region, security has been growing at 200 percent. Not so many years ago, a cyber-system might have had 100 users, so we had to monitor only 100 people. Then they started to open the data to mobile users, and instead of monitoring just 100 people, one might be monitoring 5 million customers now. And then IoT comes into the picture, where one can go from five billion to trillion devices in a span of five years. Each of these devices is a potential breach point. We will introduce more security products in the days to come. The anticipated merger with HPE is on track and expected to close in Q3 2017.  Once that is completed, we will have a broader portfolio of security products to take to our customers.

Also, we will focus on unified communications. Organizations want to monitor all their interactions and there is a growth in Office 365 space. However, Office 365 has basic subscription and basic archiving. We can archive social media interactions, SMSs.  It's an area where we don't have too many competitors and we expect this to have the one of the fastest growth potential in an organization.


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