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Mega reloaded

Divina Paredes | Feb. 28, 2013
Many Silicon Valley startups -- and some global technology companies -- trace their beginnings to a garage, or a university dormitory room.

And of course it helps I have several years of experience running industrial scale internet infrastructure," says Ortmann.So how do Ortmann and van der Kolk work with Dotcom?"Kim does the high level abstraction work, we do the medium to low level abstraction work," says Ortmann.

"In terms of time consumed, it is much more complex but it is a nice division, a vertical division.""And much labour," says Van der Kolk.A year after the raid, Ortmann says its impact on the Mega team was limited. "We know we haven't done anything that would justify criminal action against us so we are very relaxed about it.

We see it as bullying.""If you are in a situation like this, being prosecuted and the spotlight is on you, that is a great marketing tool," says van der Kolk. To which Ortmann points out, "It is not recommended as a general way of marketing your business.

"Despite their experience of the raid, the pair only have great praises for New Zealand. "It is a beautiful country, the people are fantastic," says Ortmann. "And what is important, it is very business friendly. It is very easy to start a company here. Everything is updated on the company registry website in real time. "Their plans for Mega? Ortmann says the first priority is to have secure email. "Then, we will have secure instant messaging between Mega users.

Then, a little bit further down the future, possibly secure video chats."Another important goal, says van der Kolk, is to develop apps for the main mobile operating systems. "We want to have apps for big mobile devices, iOS, Windows mobile, and probably Blackberry as well.

That is what is missing in Mega right now."Mega employs two assistant web developers who are based overseas, in Europe and Central America, but Ortmann says the company wants to hire New Zealand-based programmers in the lead up to its public listing.

Apart from developers working across iOS, Android and Blackberry, van der Kolk says Mega will need systems administrators with "more than average, not just small site" experience. "It is quite a specific skill set to be able to manage very large infrastructure that is being hit by millions of users all the time," he says. 


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