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Meet Skybox, the Google Glass app that delivers real-time hockey fights to your eyes

Jon Phillips | April 9, 2014
It's somewhat charming that Google is trumpeting the partnership between APX Labs and the Washington Capitals hockey team as a stellar example of business application development for Google Glass. Indeed, when you read Google's Monday night blog post announcing its Glass at Work program, APX Labs' Skybox app seems like something straight-laced and corporate--the result of a very serious enterprise software effort.

But what about the Glasshole factor? Isn't Kim worried about, well, less tech-enthusiastic hockey fans taking out their aggression on Skybox beta testers? "Because we're positioning Glass as technology that enhances your fan experience rather than a ubiquitous device that you constantly wear all the time, it ends up becoming just another tool you use to do something better," Kim says. "In that regard, in sports, the stigma associated with Glass is lessened."

Well, that was a buttoned-up reply. Maybe the Skybox app really is the perfect example of Google's effort to seed straight-laced enterprise software development. 


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