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Markerstudy Group CIO Dan Fiehn explains how he deals with the pace of technology innovation while battling the business change backlog

Thomas Macaulay | Oct. 20, 2017
Car insurance specialist has developed an award-winning digital product as part of ambitious transformation initiative.

Markerstudy can also compress the data to reduce the traffic emitted so that they only receive the information that they need. This has kept the cost of ownership down and given the capacity to stream real-time video from the camera.



The company can use this footage to verify the cause of an accident. For example, one driver claimed to his boss that he had left the handbrake off when he crashed into the back of another car.

Markerstudy reviewed the footage and saw he had stopped off for a bite to eat and the lunch he bought had hit the dashboard, causing the collision, and that his handbrake was still on when he hit the vehicle.

VisionTrack won Markerstudy the Gartner Financial Services "Eye on Innovation" award for "Most Innovative Digital Customer Service or Product". Since then the camera hass become much smaller and cheaper. The latest version faces the driver. It can recognise when a driver picks a phone up, yawns or isn't looking and then send an alert.

It can also assess the proximity between the driver's car and the vehicle in front to identify tailgating and review the driver's performance.

"I believe we're in the middle of a conflict at the moment," says Fiehn. "On the one hand, we've got all this cool tech, and the pace of technology is unstoppable. But on the other hand, we've got the creeping normality of business change. I guess the question I have is are you winning that battle or are you losing it?"


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