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Managing Data

T.C. Seow | Dec. 2, 2013
The message from the two roundtables held in Hong Kong and Singapore, sponsored by Veeam, is clear: CIOs need to be mindful of what their investments in data backup and replication can bring to the corporate table and where improvements should be made to ensure total recovery when the need arises

Key Concerns 
Legacy tools in virtual environments aren't the key concerns of CIOs and IT directors, as the tools themselves would have been updated to work with whatever virtualisation application used. The main challenge is to ensure that whatever virtualisation technique is used, and that it does not impact adversely on the overall system performance. That's one of the key concerns of the participants in attendance.

Some participants talked about data security and the discussion also touched upon the relative importance of data integrity, accuracy and protection in the context of enterprise data. The discussion however digressed a little into security issues, but the overall sense was that, data backup and recovery were directly related to data security, which again was the main consideration in the overall scheme of things.

Some big issues raised in data backup include shrinking backup windows, inefficient or successful restoration from backup, backup requirements of large data volumes, complicated storage sprawl, storage of virtual servers, and non-standard backup solutions.

The Cloud was unanimously endorsed as the way to go in the future, but what held back organisations from embracing the cloud completely could be regulatory aspect of cloud computing. Some equated past hosted services to current cloud services, and over time, legislation would change to enable wider adoption of cloud services.

The issue about BYOD and data privacy laws were also touched upon. What constituted data privacy violations was not examined in detail, but some participants raised the issue of extensive control over BYOD that could lead to staff dissatisfaction or inability to use their mobile devices for corporate use.

Tight security was necessary particularly in the banking and finance sector, where mobile devices were either restricted to outside corporate networks or be subjected to some form of control via mobile device management or mobile app management.

Participants at the roundtable were asked about their main problems in data protection and backup. Franky Tse, Assistant GM & Head of IT, Public Bank (Hong Kong), said that the main challenge was data restoration, plus the lack of staff skill set to carry out that function properly. Clement Lo, Director, Information & Communications Technology, Bank Consortium Trust Co Ltd, said technology constraints to using distributed storage as a backup solution were a challenge, and so too the fear of not being able to get away from vendor-specific solutions when they became a burden. 

Veeam Singapore roundtable 

The roundtable held at CUT Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands saw participation of senior executives from various industries.

Veeam's Don Williams started the discussion with an overview of the current data storage requirements of Veeam customers, and how virtualisation was seen as the technology not just supporting business but help drive it as well.


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