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Malaysia's PosLaju chooses Motorola for ‘track and trace’

AvantiKumar | April 29, 2013
National postal service Pos Malaysia's courier and express mail arm PosLaju's COO of supply chain solutions outlines how this project has helped to enhance the quality of service to customers.

In terms of productivity, the mobile computers from Motorola Solutions have surely enabled our mobile workforce to achieve higher productivity levels, be it in the field, at the post offices or for checking orders. With this hand-held mobile computer, our mobile workforce is able to perform rapid scanning of packages, and keep track of deliveries accurately. The compact form factor combined with a clear visual display and extended battery life ultimately boost employee productivity.

Due to the multi function capabilities of the MC3000 series and the mobility applications, many of the earlier manual processes have now been integrated into a single seamless automated process, saving our workers a lot of effort and time. Even small details such as the rotating head configuration of the laser reader is small, lightweight and durable, making it ideal to use and further complements PosLaju's track and trace application, which requires accurate data capture and high performance computing.

It is ideal for the company's scan-intensive environments where there are high mail volumes and the data capture has to be done fast and be error free, even while ensuring maximum comfort for the users throughout their shift.

Access to near real-time information is also a key benefit with this mobile track and trace solution. The solution includes a tracing and tracking system that allows PosLaju couriers to plan the most optimum routes to their delivery destinations. Customers can also track their deliveries online and know their exact location at any given point in time. This added visibility gives our customers a sense of control and leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Using bar codes for data capture and tracking is a quick and efficient way to track and trace and the Motorola Solutions mobile computers are capable of reading bar codes accurately and fast even when bar codes are damaged or in poor quality. The MC3000 series has provided PosLaju with an effective way to quickly deploy supply chain track and trace.

Post-implementation support is also important, as courier operations are business critical. We are supported by Motorola Solutions' local partner for timely resolution of issues with the devices and as protection of our investment, Motorola Solutions offers service coverage, which provides quick turnaround response time and repair and service.

The implementation of our track and trace system offers a number of business benefits - greater operational efficiency, greater visibility to our deliveries and even better customer satisfaction. This is trailed through our Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), the results of which we are not in the liberty to share with external parties.

As testament to the quality of our track and trace  system, Pos Malaysia Berhad won the MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT 2009 Award, in the Best in e-Logistics category for their development of the Pos Integrated Track and Trace Information System (PITTIS).

What were some of the features of the solution that you felt were not right for your company and which did you have to customise or localise? Also how did you get staff to adapt to the new solution?

From the outset we knew what we wanted and therefore we looked for a company which had the required all round expertise. Motorola Solutions fit the bill, given their broad portfolio of reliable products, applications and services, with innovative solutions to address different needs of various industries.

With impressive references, a track record of implementations of customised solutions and trusted local partners, they had understood our business needs before proposing the right customised solution for PosLaju that was easily integrated and adapted to our existing operations while adding value and benefits.

We prepared the staff with a flow of communications that was cascaded down through middle management and the supervisory level, which embraced the "Train the Trainer" methodology.

Actually, we often communicate PosLaju's business objectives to our employees and where required technical training and refresher courses are provided to our employees to uphold excellence in our service.

Presuming that the Motorola Solutions implementation is part of a longer term strategy, what is your overall goal and what are the next steps?

Our focus is of course on service excellence. As such, we constantly invest in identifying, evaluating and optimising resources in the organisation and adopt innovative solutions to improve our products and services offering.

We see a growing demand for courier services to support the increase in online commerce as the volume of packages increase with the rising trend of online shopping today. As consumers become more accustomed to purchasing goods online, the expectation for timely and reliable delivery services is just as important for online shoppers as for the e-tailers to ensure customer satisfaction. A good track and trace system to keep delivery in sight and on time is crucial for courier companies. 

The implementation of the track and trace solution, which uses Motorola Solutions' mobile computers, is part of our wider strategy to meet the evolving needs of changing consumer behaviour and the marketplace. We will continue to harness technology and look into future enterprise mobility requirements such as scanners, mobile computers and RFID technology as we continue to help connect Malaysians with the world with our competitive courier services.

Finally, any company should have a clear direction of the desired customisation level of the system before embarking onto this initiative. They should also engage with credible and strong partners as well as have constant engagement with Motorola Solutions to ensure the initiatives are in line with business needs.


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