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LinkedIn connects big data, human resources

Sarah Halzack (via Washington Post/ SMH) | Aug. 13, 2013
As the network grows moment by moment, LinkedIn's rich trove of information also grows more detailed and more comprehensive.

But some talent professionals in high-demand fields say LinkedIn's value has dwindled for them: Workers, they say, deluged with messages from aggressive or indiscriminate recruiters, have become unresponsive.

LinkedIn says it is trying to train corporate clients to use the site in a targeted, thoughtful way.

"People that are in high demand, everyone wants to talk to them," Shapero said. "And we need to find a way to make sure that LinkedIn doesn't become noisy."

"Noisiness," after all, is precisely the characteristic that has made recruiters and job candidates alike turn their backs on traditional web job boards. Recruiters often say these sites were delivering applicants that were unqualified, leading to a candidate pool that is high on volume and low on relevance.

As it aims to tackle these challenges, LinkedIn continues to rapidly grow its member base and pull in larger revenue. And through innovative use of its data and a focus on its members, it believes it can have a big impact.

"Hiring today is still an incredibly manual and laborious process on both sides," Barrile said. "And so our vision is to make it dramatically more efficient."



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