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Lightning fast NoSQL with Spring Data Redis

Dr. Xinyu Liu | May 25, 2016
6 uses cases for Redis in server-side Java applications

With a relational database you risk the possibility that the lock will never be released, if the program creating the lock in the first place quits unexpectedly. Redis's EXPIRE setting ensures that the lock will be released under any circumstances.

3. Bit Mask

Hypothetically a web client needs to poll a web server for client-specific updates against many tables in a database. Blindly querying all these tables for possible updates is costly. To get around this, try saving one integer per client in Redis as a dirty indicator, of which every bit represents one table. A bit is set when there are updates for the client in that table. During polling, no query will be fired on a table unless the corresponding bit is set. Redis is highly efficient in getting and setting such a bit mask as STRING.

4. Leaderboard

Redis's ZSET data structure offers a neat solution for game player leaderboards. ZSET works somewhat like PriorityQueue in Java, where objects are organized in a sorted data structure. Game players may be sorted in terms of their score in a leaderboard. Redis ZSET defines a rich list of commands supporting powerful and nimble queries. For example, ZRANGE (including ZREVRANGE) returns the specified range of elements in the sorted set.

You could use this command to list the top 100 players on a leaderboard. ZRANGEBYSCORE returns the elements within the specified score range (for instance by listing players with score between 1000 and 2000), ZRNK returns the rank of an element in the sorted set, and so forth.

5. Bloom filter

A Bloom filter is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure used to test whether an element is a member of a set. False positive matches are possible, but false negatives are not. A query returns either "possibly in set" or "definitely not in set."

The bloom filter data structure has a wide variety of uses in both online and offline services, including big data analytics. Facebook uses bloom filters for typeahead searches, to fetch friends and friends of friends to a user-typed query. Apache HBase uses it to filter out disk reads of HFile blocks that don't contain a particular row or column, thus boosting the speed of reads. Bitly uses a bloom filter to avoid redirecting users to malicious websites, and Quora implemented a sharded bloom filter in the feed backend to filter out previously viewed stories. In my own project, I applied a bloom filter to track user votes on different subjects.

With its speed and throughput, Redis combines exceptionally well with a bloom filter. Searching GitHub turns up many Redis bloom filter projects, some of which support tunable precision.


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