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Learn from SOA: 5 lessons for the microservices era

Matt McLarty | June 30, 2016
The rise and fall of SOA can teach us much about making the best use of microservices

5. Patterns and principles last, technologies don't. In the microservices-versus-SOA debates, there is one point of consensus: Microservice architecture matches that original SOA vision of a software system decomposed into loosely coupled services. That is a pattern. Furthermore, original SOA principles such as business alignment, dependency minimization, and service contracts are microservice principles as well. The vast differences lie in the technologies. This is both blessing and curse. Technology evolves at a rapid pace. To a large extent, technology movements come down to proven principles enabled by new technologies. For the microservices movement, this means that the shiny new technologies of today will be gone tomorrow. Every Docker will have its day, but microservice adopters should embrace the patterns and principles, and prepare for technology obsolescence.

The microservices movement is exciting. In synthesizing proven principles with new technologies and cultural practices, it is legitimately new. Whether it is SOA done well, an evolution of SOA, or the anti-SOA is beside the point. Microservices will come, leave its mark, and be replaced by the next movement, then the next, and so on. In the present, it is up to the members of the microservices movement to determine what that mark looks like. Heeding these lessons from the SOA movement will hopefully maintain the harmony that can help organizations achieve speed and safety at scale.

Source: Infoworld 


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