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LCS modernises operations, touts digital transformation

Jennifer O'Brien | March 17, 2017
The company’s growth, diversification and complexity led it to seek a contemporary ERP solution

“Our journey is about educating the locksmiths and really taking a locksmith who has had a history in mechanical locking and bringing them into a more electronic, digital environment where they can deploy smart home technology.”

The security industry is undergoing massive innovation from advancements in home automation to heightened security around commercial development in schools, hospitals, right across society.

“Our job is to understand the technology and then train our customers, so they can deploy the product to market to fulfill the needs of the end consumer. Our most common customer is a locksmith and that’s probably the most obvious person to focus on, although our business has about 7,000, which includes a range of other customers looking for security hardware solutions as well,” he said.

“We are moving towards the digital transformation around security whether it’s control panels, alarm systems, electronic strikes, automotive products. The days of putting a piece of metal in another piece of metal and turning it is fast changing.”

Today, there's software advancements around programming of automotive keys. "We are training a locksmith who has chosen to specialise in the automotive industry, to become an automotive locksmith, so if someone loses their car or it gets burgled, they can actually reprogram a car," he said, explaining there are diagnostic tools that tap into the onboard computer of the car and allows locksmiths to reprogram keys.


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