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LCS modernises operations, touts digital transformation

Jennifer O'Brien | March 17, 2017
The company’s growth, diversification and complexity led it to seek a contemporary ERP solution


Intelligent forecasting

He said the company is looking to Epicor to enable sophistication in demand forecasting, which would lead to far more efficient purchasing and better use of its working capital.

“Epicor have a complex demand forecasting module, which works in tandem with Epicor, and brings together a whole range of variables to come up with forecasting: lead times to delivery, seasonality, historical trends, promotional opportunities and the like.

“We are very much customer-focused and we are looking to Epicor to improve our supply line, our channels of supply, to ensure that we don’t put any lag in the supply chain and that our customers are supplied accurately and in time and efficiently.”

He acknowledged the legacy software is no longer suitable as the company continues on its growth spurt.

“We are bringing new staff to our organisation and it is incumbent on the business to have contemporary software rather than legacy software, the black screen with the green text is the exception rather than the norm these days,” he said.

“We churn out huge volumes of orders and have to make sure we supply customers as efficiently as possible without introducing time delays into the supply chain. With Epicor ERP, staff will be able to complete more sophisticated demand forecasting, and also maintain the integrity of our stock and manage our national supply chain even more effectively.”

Additionally, Newton said the company is eyeing other tech implementations including a move away from the conventional Microsoft Office set of products.

“We are looking at contracting Office 365 as our new solution. We also have a web presence. We have an e-commerce presence and we want to bring that e-commerce solution within the Epicor suite of products,” he said.

“Beyond that we have a huge database of product information, technical sheets, images, a lot of detail, and that is cobbled together and housed all over the place. Again, we are looking at Epicor to be able to centrally deposit and access data. Access all of the ancillary stuff that goes with products, whether they are the images, specifications, and product safety sheets.”

Newton is also considering how to curb its major cost, which is freight, and become far more automated and sophisticated in the process.

“We are working with Epicor to become far more sophisticated in our costing of freight. . . So we are dealing with weights and measures, locations, and getting the machination right so we can deliver product efficiently and maintain our supply chain. We need to be very conscious and mindful of what our costs are going to be around freight.”


Mission to digitise

LCS is not only transforming internal systems for greater operational efficiency, but the company is helping drive a digital environment (whether it is IP-based or electronic) in the marketplace and educating its customers.


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