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King's Quest: A Knight to Remember review: An old classic gets a terrific new start

Hayden Dingman | July 29, 2015
"It was not exactly as I remembered it, but it wasn't all that different either," says old King Graham, early in the new King's Quest. It's something like the fifth line in the game, and you can almost see the writer sitting behind the screen, speaking directly to you.

Bottom line

It's beautiful, it's funny, it's touching. I'm loving King's Quest, as far as this first episode is concerned. I hope it can nail the same quality for all five parts--and that the episodic release schedule doesn't drag too much. It's worth noting that A Knight to Remember is as long or longer than the largest Telltale episodes, especially if you're (like me) prone to hunting down every last silly line of dialogue.

I have a few quibbles--the mouse/keyboard controls are a bit awkward (Xbox controller recommended), some of the text is misaligned, cutscenes are unskippable and some checkpoints are placed at the worst possible moment prior to a lengthy cinematic--but in general this is a grand start to what I hope is a grand adventure. Long live the King.

NOTE: We don't put scores on episodic games, and since this game is only 1/5 complete it could turn to absolute garbage before the end! We'll revisit King's Quest after all five parts are released to see how the entire experience stacked up and tack on a score.


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