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Kill Flash? Be careful what you wish for

Paul Venezia | Aug. 25, 2015
The death of Flash will impact more than a few enterprise IT solutions, with nasty repercussions for admins.

It's not only the elimination of Flash that's threatening problems. Chrome is disabling NPAPI plug-ins in newer versions of the browser. This means a good many enterprise IT management tools won't run without explicitly allowing them within the Chrome settings. As more browsers adopt these stricter security measures, we'll see more and more of these issues crop up, adding to the headaches caused by management tools that require certain Java versions, and by other elderly dependencies that make it impossible to run our tools on an updated system.

So we'll wind up with desktop VMs running old, insecure software merely to manage critical infrastructure components, which will need to be accessed via RDP. Heck, if more than a few concurrent admin sessions are required, it might need to be a Terminal Server. Then again, if certain Java-based tools are required, that may not work under Terminal Services and RDP, so we might have to go all the way to the console. Talk about a blast from the past.


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