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IoT will transition from Apps to Algorithms: Gert Botha

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
Companies must build sustainable IoT solutions not just for today, but for the next decade says Gert Botha, CEO, Hive Technology.

We get queries from a few government agencies to keep the data within the country. But government clients are now waking up to the idea that it can't be any more about a server in the corner. Cloud is a reality especially for integration lot of data and applications. For example smart city infrastructure can't happen on the local server.

Single identity of people becomes the single dataset for an organization. Our technology does that differently as the particular IP address can be added to that identity. This evokes trust in the person to share his data to other applications. The future will be something like Facebook. The person's profile will have complete control of the data and the moment the person is identified on the network they can share the data.

What is the current state of IoT and how do you see it maturing in the future?

IoT today is about purely connected devices making life complex with add-ons like wearables. There is no practical tactic to harmonize all of them. There is no single way of understanding the lifecycle of objects and people at the backend. The moment the industry wakes up to the idea of a single way to integrate into everything, IoT will become more popular.

Another issue is around the clarity of IoT standards across various OEMs' technologies in the industry. I believe we should do well in that area. For a new technology, we often try to stifle development of standards. One must look at a development lifecycle which is more dynamic and then the set standards will mature over time in sync with IoT.

The wave where technology is becoming more pervasive is exactly where we fit in with products designed to identify people and objects (vehicles, PCs etcetera).  We are not going to ride the IoT wave all by ourselves at all. We are talking to technology vendors like Cisco, MS, Dell to provide them a technology that helps them to build holistic IoT solutions.

Everyone developing too many solutions - good and stupid - in IoT space.  And doesnt that sound scary?

It's a new learning space for people to experiment good and stupid things. However companies should build sustainable IoT solutions not only for today but for the next ten years. The App bandwagon will witness a rework and a change in product roadmap as IoT world becomes algorithm based in the future. Hence we built the foundation that addresses possible pain points of customers on their IoT journey in the future too.

Source: Computerworld India 


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