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IoT will transition from Apps to Algorithms: Gert Botha

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
Companies must build sustainable IoT solutions not just for today, but for the next decade says Gert Botha, CEO, Hive Technology.

CIOs need to get away from applications and basically manage the data at a local level before it gets to the database. If something goes wrong at that level, then the data can't go to the optimal stage where the actions are triggered.

And lastly the fact that the most (other) available technologies are non-secure as there is very little solid security on IoT. There are many funny examples of how people hack devices and often do stupid things with IoT. Imagine what happens if someone crashes a fully IoT car and one can't unlock the door. Hive One ID besides being a technology to transmit and manage data has an algorithm on a processor which provides a unique method of identifying things.

Moving forward you will see enterprises managing  multiple devices on their networks. lot of devices in corporate network from mobile Wouldn't adding Hive One ID add one more layer of complexity?

I don't think it is an addition as most companies currently have some sort of identity card for their employees. We replace that card with something more powerful and more advanced that works across everything - people and objects.

We can offer this product to any manufacturer of electronic equipment as an identity system for their products. We are also in discussion with some mobile manufacturers. We do believe the mobile could become a person's ID. Or at least secondary ID for electronic interactions through the same identity structure.

What kind of RoI does your product provide and what's the TCO?

Our current partnerships are aimed to take the product at low cost to the market and make money on the services provided to use the products. We have seen that entry barriers in markets wherein everybody makes most money on devices and the overall proposition becomes very expensive. Our model remains completely different and hence Hive's solutions deliver RoI and TCO very well.

Any plans to set up your manufacturing hub in India?

We definitely view India as the country with great skillsets and it provides a perfect environment to build products that can be exported globally. That's why we chose to launch in India as the second country after setting foot first in Dubai. We see great potential to integrate our technology into the products and export the solutions globally out of India.

Besides Dubai, we have projects implemented in Ireland through one of our partners. And we have deployments across South Africa which is our company's R & D headquarter.

How are you leveraging Cloud? Do you witness more customers demanding local datacenters for their data in their countries or cities?

Hive One ID is totally a cloud solution and hence it's super important to secure the data. The customers can have their own ecosystem off the internet. Our clients in most cases are also transferring data through cloud application sourced through us to third party datacenters.


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