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IoT pioneer announces big contracts with the Department of State, energy leader ENGIE

John Dix | June 27, 2016
C3 IoT, led by enterprise software veteran Thomas Siebel, helps large firms make sense out of mountains of data

Consider C3 IoT customer Enel.  Siebel says “we had to aggregate 7 trillion rows of data into a 750 terabyte cloud image that grows at about 300 gigabtyes a day, and then process this data, and perform correlation and apply machine learning at the rate of 1m transactions per second.” 

That’s the new world of smart, interconnected devices, Siebel says. “When we were kids they used to read the electric meter once per month.  Now, if you read a smart meter every 15 minutes, that’s 32,000 times per year.  And there are things called phasor measurement units on the transmission lines that are putting out power quality signals at 60 times per second, so the amount of data these things are generating is absolutely breath taking.”

Although C3 IoT started off in the energy sector, Siebel says IoT has implications for everything from transportation to manufacturing, healthcare and insurance.  Common early use cases, he says, are predictive maintenance and fraud detection, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  “I think this is a complete replacement market for the enterprise software market,” he says.  “In 10 years all applications will be IoT applications.”


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