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Investing time and money in SaaS start-ups

Stephen Bell | March 5, 2013
Q and A with investor and CEO of GeoOP, Leanne Graham

I disagree with that. In the Xero ecosystem they've all gone and found little pieces of the business process and built some great things. And they all do it differently; there are 12 job costing products in Xero's add-on portfolio and they've all got very different approaches in how they go to market.

What are you looking for?

I'm looking at cloud software that takes advantage of the mobile app. It's where everyone is going to do business; it's the next generation of cloud, I think. I'm choosing markets where use of the technology will change the game of the industry [concerned] -- markets where there hasn't been anything before at a price that's put these facilities in then hands of small businesses. So we can do some really game-changing stuff.

How many companies per year can you afford to invest that time and money into?

I plan to do three over the next two years [including GeoOP]. That's me as a solo investor; I'm talking to other investors in this space.

It really is a race this year; a year for the add-on, the business-process solution. Over the next 18 to 24 months, the leader in each industry is going to show up.

Xero has shown up as the standard for accounting; I'm banking on GeoOP as the standard for global job management. There'll be a retail lead -- Vend is leading in that space today with an online PoS system; you've got Unleashed as a distribution, stock, warehousing system integrated with Xero. They're all about leading at the scale where they can go global.

I'd like to be an investor in all the leaders; I can't do that, so I'm going to hand-pick.


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