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Insights driven real-time collaboration

Matthew Wray, Communications Director, Avaya | Oct. 24, 2014
Matthew Wray of Avaya outlines the following key factors to driving productivity and business performance from the latest collaboration tools and techniques.

A richer collaboration experience - with context and history
How long do we all spend each day searching through email and desktop files to find the pertinent information? The ability to have previous interactions and documents relating to a specific discussion at your fingertipsis a great way to drive productivity, and it makes decision-making easier.There have been significant advances in the contact center environment in particular, with multi-channel, fully context-based customer experience interactions driving enhanced service levels and true customer lifecycle management. Bringing those same tools to a company's internal collaboration will help.

Saving time and opportunity costs
Video is a key element of time and cost savings, enabling people to join meetings and conversations just by clicking a URL or meeting invite. Better collaboration among specialists can also help pool domain knowledge more quickly.

Bandwidth constraints may need to be overcome for some — but better collaboration also opens up new ways for marketing and communication professionals to find new customers, representing more opportunities than risk. For example, telemedicine is now providing significant benefits — especially for rural communities — in delivering access to expert diagnosis and remote care.

The benefits are not limited to those rural communities either — in our major cities across the region, where traffic gridlock can add hours to a face-to-face appointment time, collaboration tools can speed treatment — and let people get on with their lives. For marketers and communication professionals working in hyperconnected environments and bustling cities, collaboration brings endless opportunities with more time and opportunity costs saved.

Better integration and future innovation
Collaboration tools are great in driving personal productivity, but to be really effective they need to be fully integrated with a company's applications and business processes. Mobility will continue to drive much of the evolution, and mobile video is set to become ubiquitous. Voice-activation, or even thought-activation, in driving collaboration tools may help to deliver a completely new set of productivity-enhancing applications. Fully exploiting wearable technologies and integrating collaboration tools with the Internet of Things are set to further enhance the role of collaboration in workplaces across APAC. And of course all these applications and tools will increasingly be delivered through the Cloud.


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