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IME manufacturers want flexible ERP solutions

Anuradha Shukla | Jan. 2, 2014
Epicor survey shows manufacturers demand solutions that facilitate collaboration.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment (IME) manufacturers will search for flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that facilitates collaboration, according to a newly released survey by Epicor.

IME manufacturers want ERP system that provides timely information and increases customer satisfaction level. 

Today's IME manufacturing industry requires solutions that help them deliver greater customer experience and should focus on selling value-added services and emerging markets expansion.

Epicor's survey indicates that the single most critical factor driving new product purchases for 42.9% of IME manufacturers is how value-added services are delivered and supported.

"Today's difficult economic conditions -- with many major economies in trouble -- are significantly impacting the industrial equipment industry as the majority of clients are adopting a wait-and-see approach and are essentially reining in capital expenditure," said Pierfrancesco Manenti, head of IDC Manufacturing Insights research practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

ERP a vital platform

40% of all IME manufacturers surveyed find ERP to be an important platform connecting the back office and front office and streamlining business interaction with suppliers and customers.

ERP is a vital platform for about 85% of large IME organisations with 5,000 employees or more as it helps them to deliver a good customer experience.

IME manufacturers will now search for a flexible ERP system that includes or easily integrates more customer-facing functions.

Findings of the survey indicate that most IME manufacturers believe traditional ERP systems don't fully support their requirements and a modern ERP platform can support the most immediate business needs of these manufacturers.

"This recent study provides essential guidance and a clear call to action for IME manufacturers," said John Hiraoka, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Epicor. "IME manufacturers should expect their ERP solution to improve access to accurate, real-time customer data via mobile devices and the cloud, to enhance collaboration across the organization by facilitating information sharing and streamlining business processes."



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