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iGrill Mini review: Barbecue like a pro with this affordable smart temperature sensor

Michael Brown | July 22, 2015
Barbecuing would be so much more enjoyable if the results were more predictable, right? Whether you're using propane, mesquite charcoal, or hickory wood, it can be tough to keep the temperature just right. And the fact that different foods require varying degrees of doneness complicates the issue even further. You can get away with undercooking a good steak or high-quality ground-beef patty, but you do that with pork or chicken at your peril. Now that I've grilled a few times with iDevices' iGrill Mini, I can't imagine cooking outdoors without it.

The app comes with five sets of recipes, one from iGrill itself and four from partner companies (Omaha Steaks, Jennie-O turkey, Pitmasters, and Panna Foods), but the recipes aren't tied to the probe itself. That means the app won't send you an alert when that temperature is reached unless you manually create an entry for that target temp.

Should you buy one?

No doubt some barbecue purists will blanch at the notion of piercing the meat they're cooking, particularly a premium steak, but I experienced no ill effect from it. The meat didn't dry out at all; in fact, each of the cuts I tried (a USDA Prime ribeye steak, a fresh chicken breast, a hamburger, and a pork tenderloin) came out juicier and more flavorful than I'd ever experienced because they were cooked to precisely the right temperature without my needing to babysit them.

I love barbecuing, but I also enjoy drinking a frosty beverage, chatting with family and friends, and listening to music while I cook. The iGrill lets me do that without costing an arm and a leg.


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