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How to use your Mac to maximize your concert experience

Lesa Snider | July 22, 2015
With all the effort and expense it takes to attend a concert, a smart person makes the most of it--starting far before the concert happens and extending well after the final encore. In this column, you'll learn how to use your Mac to milk every last drop of enjoyment from your concert experiences.

Add some artwork

For fun, you can change the playlist thumbnail art to something related to your concert, such as a concert poster, a photo or screen capture from the artist's website, or even a scan of your concert tickets. To do it, open the playlist and click the large playlist thumbnail at the top of the window. In the sheet that appears, click Other, and in the next sheet, navigate to an image file on your Mac and click Open. Use the size slider to set the zoom level of the new art.

With your awesome new playlist complete, you can enjoy it as often as you like leading up to the concert, which is especially fun during your drive--or flight!--to the event, as well as after. If you can't plug your iOS device into your car stereo, you can always burn the playlist onto a CD by selecting it in iTunes and choosing File > Burn Playlist to Disc (assuming you own the songs in question--you can't burn playlists containing Apple Music tracks).

Read the lyrics

Aside from binging on the setlist songs prior to the concert, serious fans also memorize the words (if they haven't already). In fact, if you click on a song in iTunes and then open the Get Info window by choosing File > Get Info or pressing Command-I, you get a Lyrics tab. Sadly, copyright laws prevent the lyrics from appearing automatically whether you import a CD or download a song or album. Fortunately, you can easily find lyrics on the web by entering the song's name and the word "lyrics" into Safari's search field. Once you find them, copy the lyrics and then paste them into iTunes' Get Info window.

If you'll be listening to your playlist on your iPhone, lyrics are even easier. Grab the free Musixmatch app, which can find the lyrics of the currently playing song and sync them up to the playback. It's even got a Notification Center widget that lets you see the lyrics without even opening the app.

After the concert

After the concert, give your future self a treat by inserting your concert ticket into the case of an artist's CD. Aside from many other reasons to buy a CD--audio quality, permanence, and so on--the case is perfect for creating a time capsule of the event. After trimming your ticket to fit the case, either slide it into the liner note area of the case, or pop out the inside part of the back half and slip your ticket into it.

Until next time, may the creative force be with you all!


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