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How to use Git and GitHub on your Mac

Lucy Hattersley | July 6, 2016
Git and GitHub enable modern programmers to work collaboratively and keep track of different versions of their software.

You have options here; one is to click Install and get the Command Line Developer Tools. The other is to install Xcode, which includes the Command Line Developer Tools. A third option is to click Cancel and get the latest version of Git direct from the developers.

Click Install Xcode if you plan to developer OS X or iOS software, if you want a hassle free experience then click Install to get the Apple version of Git. Click Agree to the license agreement. Wait for the Downloading software alert to finish, and click Done. You should see" Git version 2.6.4 (Apple Git-63)". You are good to go.

If you are a serious Git user and want the very latest version then it's best to get it from the Git website:

  1. Open Safari and browse to the Git developer site.
  2. Click on Mac OS X below Downloads.
  3. Open the git-2.8.1-intel-universal-mavericks file in your Downloads folder.
  4. Double click the git-2.8.1-intel-universal-mavericks.pkg file.
  5. If you get a warning that says ""git-2.8.1-intel-universal-mavericks.pkg" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." Open Settings > Security & Privacy > General and click Open Anyway.
  6. Click Continue, Install and enter your admin password.
  7. Click Close.

Now open Terminal and enter git --version. You will see "git version 2.8.1".

Return to Safari and enter Fill out the "Pick a username," "Your email address" and "Create a password" fields and click "Sign up for GitHub". Ensure that the selected Chosen button is next to Free and click Finish sign up.

Learn to use Git and GitHub

Now that you have Git and GitHub set up on your Mac, it's time to learn how to use them. Git is easy to learn (although it can take a lot to master) but with so many users there are a lot of tutorials to follow.

Here are some great places to go to learn Git.

Source: Macworld 


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