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How to set up Wolfram Mathematica on Mac

Lucy Hattersley | July 4, 2016
Set up and start learning Wolfram Mathematica on your Mac computer

You should be greeted with the "Welcome to Mathematica" window. You're now ready to start using Mathematica 10.

How to set up Wolfram Mathematica on Mac: Connecting Mathematica to your Wolfram Cloud

You should also connect your Mathematica to Wolfram Cloud. Click "Sign in to access your Wolfram Cloud files" and enter the email and password you used when signing up to Wolfram Alpha (when you requested the Trial or purchased Mathematica).

Now you can see two options in the window: Open, and Open Online. You'll be able to save Wolfram Mathematica items online.

How to set up Wolfram Mathematica on Mac: Getting started with Wolfram Mathematica

Click on New Document to start working on a Wolfram Mathematica document. If you're used to calculators the black text screen, with its horizontal flashing cursor, may be confusing.

The horizontal cursor means that Mathematica is ready to receive a command. Enter "2 + 2" and press Shift-Return to enter the command (just pressing return takes you to the next line, without running it).

You will see "Out[1] = 4". Good to know that it has the basics down. You will also see the Suggestions Bar below. Click Binary Form to see the number in binary. Click More and you'll see lots of other number formats, including bitwise operators and number theory options.

Why not try plotting a sine wave. Enter Plot[x]/x, {x, -Pi, Pi} and press shift-return. The Plot command generates a graph.

Install Mathematica

You can also create 3D graphs. Enter "Plot3D[Sin[x*y], {x,-3,3}, {y, -5,5}]". Press shift-return to view the 3D graph.

Mathematica 3D graph

How to set up Wolfram Mathematica on Mac: Learning the Wolfram Language

Now that you have Mathematica installed and up and running, you'll be wanting to learn some more about it. There are lots of online resources you can use to discover Mathematica.

Hands-on Start To Wolfram Mathematica, Cliff Hastings, Kelvin Mischo, Michael Morrisson. Probably the best guide to getting started.

An Elementary Introduction To The Wolfram Language, Stephen Wolfram. Straight from the horse's mouth, this essential guide is written by the language's creator.

Wolfram: Fast Introduction for Programmers. This collection will help you get started.

Wolfram Videos. Wolfram has a great selection of training videos on its website.

Mathematica StackExchange. This Mathematica StackExchange forum has a lot of good programming links.

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